65 thoughts during a 5km run 

If you opened my brain whilst I’m running this is what you’d find. Sound familiar? 

  1. Probably won’t go for it today
  2. Might go for it today
  3. It’s so cold
  4. What if I get a stitch
  5. Don’t panic
  6. Legs feel like lead
  7. Should have warmed up properly
  8. Why am I doing this
  9. Can’t feel my fingers
  10. This is really hurting
  11. Hate the wind
  12. It’s too hot
  13. Why didn’t I go sleeveless
  14. He/she makes it look so easy
  15. Still too hot
  16. I’ll never overtake that one
  17. I’m overtaking that one
  18. Can I remove jacket without getting tangled in headphones
  19. If I achieve the above, will I look stupid
  20. I’m not bothered about a PB
  21. I don’t think I’ll get a PB
  22. I might get a PB
  23. I’ll regret not trying
  24. Maybe I’ll walk
  25. Walking is not an option
  26. A child has overtaken me
  27. I really don’t like running
  28. A dog has overtaken me
  29. It’s hard because it’s working
  30. Can I squeeze through that gap
  31. I don’t think I’m cut out for this
  32. Think of the calories you’re burning
  33. Think of the calories you need to burn
  34. I hate hills
  35. How many more hills
  36. You’ll feel great later
  37. Breathe
  38. It’s a beautiful day
  39. Smile
  40. Mouth is so dry
  41. Don’t think about water
  42. Really want water
  43. Why did I drink last night
  44. Think of the post-run cake and coffee… Actually, don’t
  45. Think I feel a bit sick
  46. I’m never going to run a marathon
  47. Not even halfway
  48. You can always stop if you want
  49. …isn’t that giving up?
  50. It’s just 25 minutes of your life
  51. Don’t look at your feet
  52. Don’t look at your watch
  53. 1k to go, just 1 tiny kilometre
  54. Don’t give up
  55. How does Mo do it
  56. Dig deep
  57. There’s always another day
  58. Sprint finish not happening
  59. Too tired
  60. I tried
  61. No pain no gain
  62. Totally sprinting now
  63. !&@*¡ (in the zone)
  64. Bloody love running!
  65. Might try a marathon

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