12 signs you’re hooked on parkrun 

You would choose it as a category on Mastermind, take your barcode on holiday, and every Saturday the free and friendly 5km run sets you up for the weekend. 12 signs you’re truly part of the parkrun family right here…

  1. You can recall your run statistics faster than your PIN or phone number
  2. You know the difference between a barcode and finish token, which one is scanned first and which one you’re allowed to take home
  3. You never tire of explaining the awesomeness of parkrun
  4. You have calculated exactly how many weeks it’ll be until you reach the next milestone, and nothing will come between you and that date
  5. When someone mentions a particular venue/town/city you can’t help but chip in with ‘there’s a parkrun there!’
  6. You have a favourite volunteer role (and possibly a V25)
  7. You strategically plan weekend activities around parkrun, such as your own child’s birthday party, travelling to a wedding, trips to the vet etc.
  8. You relish the opportunity to recruit and encourage new parkrunners wherever they live
  9. When travelling / going on holiday, your first thought is to fit in some parkrun tourism
  10. You would rather turn up somewhere (late) in your post-run gear and miss a shower, than miss parkrun
  11. Kicking off Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or your birthday with a parkrun (or two) sounds just perfect
  12. You can’t remember what you did before discovering parkrun and can’t imagine life without it 🙂




  1. Shame I work most Saturdays – but I still managed to get over 50 Barnsley parkruns finished -Stroll on another 7 years when I retire !!!!!!

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