Running personas #1-#22

Communities and clubs contain an eclectic mix of running characters. After all, variety is the spice of life. Recognise anyone/yourself here?

  1. Mr Gadget: has all the tech and accessories. If you can’t be bothered to read instruction manuals or online reviews, he’s your shortcut.
  2. Where’s Wally? Lost. Takes every possible wrong turn and knows no landmarks or street names. Confuses left with right.
  3. Dark horse: modest and unassuming. Turns up and runs very fast.
  4. Fashionista type A: looking cool and running well.
  5. Fashionista type B: all the gear, no idea.
  6. Secret squirrel: runs races and events under the radar, then modestly posts their results.
  7. The mumsy one: caring and kind. Makes sure everyone is accounted for and remembers birthdays.
  8. Star baker: makes the goodies – and they are good.
  9. The rested one: spends more time in physio than running and suffers from unpronounceable conditions.
  10. The socialite: organises the get togethers. Loves a drink (possibly more than running).
  11. The multia media one: takes selfies, group shots, compositions of medals, trainers etc. Uploads, tags and tweets in a nanosecond.
  12. The bi-polar: I hate running! I love running!
  13. The ultra: happily takes on 100km. Up a mountain. In the desert.
  14. The determined one: heads out ludicrously early or late in all weathers and darkness, or runs to a run just to fit it all in.
  15. The glow-worm: owns flashing lights, hi-vis, head torch and neon socks. And lots of batteries.
  16. The recruiter: makes a beeline for anyone who might want to join in, total strangers included.
  17. The tuckshop: has a ready supply of gels, sweets, energy bars, chewing gum and drinks.
  18. The shopaholic: addicted to buying trainers and kit. Knows all the sales, discount codes and current stock levels.
  19. The one in charge: carries a clipboard, phone, spares of everything, answers all the questions and knows The Plan.
  20. The serial racer: will need a walk-in wardrobe just for their medals.
  21. The humble one: does not realise how far they’ve come and what they’ve achieved. More back-patting required 🙂
  22. The blowout: says they are coming out for a run…

Watch out for more personas coming soon!

Disclaimer: any similarities to actual living persons is probably un-coincidental, and intended to be taken lightheartedly. Don’t be ‘the boring one’. 




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