Not your daughter’s leggings

You’ve heard of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, right? The American denim brand that makes you appear a size smaller, younger, trendier, cool and carefree. I’ve often looked enviously at my five year old daughter’s perfect little shape and wardrobe bursting literally with jazzy patterns, bright colours, spots, dots (there’s a difference – dots are smaller), stripes, swirls, stars and animal prints. Oh, to be five, with the world of H&M Kids and Mini Boden at your fingertips. Rest assured, I realise it’s fairly inappropriate to do the school run in bunny leggings or turn up on office mufti day in skinny jeans sporting rainbow-leaping unicorns, but it would be fun to break the mould and go a bit alternative. I own some patterned M&S tights (black with fainter black roses, if you look closely enough), and that’s about as off piste as it gets.

The exciting concensus is that it’s totally acceptable to sport some groovy and fun apparel if you’re going for a run or workout. And it’s not just leggings getting a colourful makeover. Enter a sports shop and you’d be hard pushed to find some plain white trainers, let alone white laces (my latest ones are yellow neon). Manufacturers from Tesco to Tikiboo are churning out Lycra in all kinds of funky designs, splashed over Facebook and Instagram via hundreds of smiling selfies. This week I, along with many others, have already helped two ‘mummies that run’ (who I’ve never met) choose between designs of running tights by voting for Minions v. artistic graffiti or candy skulls v. superheroes, suggesting we’d all like to dress like five year olds or 80s throwbacks given half the chance.

Here’s my top 10 of cute, cool and totally kookie designs. Release your inner child this Mother’s Day…

Go dotty for Nike’s pink polkas
Feel as tall and special as a pink giraffe in these, by Tikiboo
These Adidas cuties could have walked right out of my daughter’s wardrobe
Do these Zalandos scream 90s upholstery or what? There’s even a top to match (or maybe it’s a cushion cover?)
Who mixed up the Play-doh, H&M?
Nike’s neon, scribbled look. Reminds me of a pencil case I had in 1989
Tikiboo! Don’t be blue! Be a zany zebra
Hotel ‘baroque’ curtains with a nice Adidas stripe (so you know they are actually sportswear)


Magician’s assistant, Broadway dancer, runner? These bold Tikiboos are made for you


If you’re not tempted, black is still perfectly acceptable…and let’s be honest, probably more flattering than Prince Charming plastered across your bottom:

The crowning glory of leggings. Definitely my daughter’s leggings, and for Disney princesses everywhere 🙂 Grab yours in the Sports Direct sale (£7).

Happy running!

(PS. This blog is not endorsed in any way by Tikiboo, Nike or Adidas. But I am open to offers and free samples.)


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