You know you’re a Bedfonto when…

It rains mid-week, and your first thought is about parkrun puddles
It’s unlikely to be a dry one – but it doesn’t deter you. 

You no longer need an interpreter to understand Event Director Rory
You’ve got that Cork accent sussed (unless he is talking to fellow countrymen/women – then it may be a struggle).

Photo: Bruce Li
You have a car park strategy
That’s a plan A, plan B and plan C

You know the protocol for giving tourists a warm welcome
Clap, cheer, smile, say ‘oooh’ (NB the standard welcome for Bushy Park runners is to heckle them).

You know EXACTLY where halfway point is
It’s not where the volunteers gather to clap you round… it’s a little further on unfortunately.

You know that the 3km marker appears before the 1km…
…and the 4km appears before the 2km. If only you could cover 3km that quickly.

You have never been so pleased to see chipwood
Ah, the magical carpet of chipwood – even better when it’s signposted:

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 16.25.05
Sign: David Duggan, photo: Ian Cockram
You know every undulation, dip and bump of the route, but you’re still not quite sure how to describe where Bedfont Lakes is
Ashford, Feltham, Bedfont, Clockhouse Lane or just ‘near Heathrow’?


You accept you will get wet feet, muddy shoes, or both, from October to May
No point sugarcoating this one!


You respond to a cowbell like a trained mountain goat
You check your watch, double check your laces, vacate the toilets and listen to the brief

It’s not unusual to see a 5 year old in a 50 milestone T-shirt, a 9 year old in charge of results processing, a tyre-runner, a super fast double buggy pusher, a cross-dressing* Run Director and tons of fantastic, happy, dedicated cake-bringing parkrunners.
Love Bedfontos, each and every one! 

*It was “for charity”


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