Running a marathon is like labour


You keep telling yourself ‘my body is made to do this’ 

You google scary things 

You have carefully selected appropriate underwear 

Your long suffering partner can’t wait for it all to be over

You know it will hurt

You have a well thought-out plan

You’re fed up of people asking the same questions 

You’ve packed your bag and checked it a hundred times 

The build up is a mix of excitement, fear, panic and denial

You tell yourself plenty of others have survived this ordeal 

The date is etched in your mind

You try to ignore the horror stories

You’ve given up wine – but it would probably really help right now

You have weird dreams and nightmares 

You stop googling scary things 

You cry 

You imagine the finish line 


You try to focus on the prize 

You can manage the pain (this isn’t pain)

You don’t care what you look like anymore

The plan is subject to change / goes out the window 

Your mind and body start to protest

Medical intervention is a strong possibility

Your mantra is dig deep and push

There’s blood, sweat, tears and heavy breathing 

You pray your pelvic floor survives 

You are desperate for water, energy snacks, cool air and oxygen

You swear

You cry  

You pledge to NEVER DO THIS AGAIN… 


You take a million photos for family, friends and Facebook and text the world 

You can’t keep up with replying, liking, commenting and resort to “:)) :))”

You cry

Your prize is the best thing ever (but you still love your other prizes just as much)

You relish in swapping stories with complete strangers 

You wonder if you’ll ever walk normally again

You get in the bath and need help getting out

You have a patchy memory of most of it, although the finish time is impeccably retained in your head forever 

The day goes down in history 

…and you start planning for the next one. 

Best day ever.


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