BloggerjogDoesBrighton: The proposal

May 2016

I applied for London Marathon on a bit of a whim, half an hour before the deadline. I was in the chiropractor’s waiting room, recovering from runners’ knee, frantically trying to complete the application on my phone before he called me in. I wasn’t able to run even a half a marathon at this point (ironically after sustaining injury from running half a marathon) but I figured I had nothing to lose by applying.

Months later the marathon magazine arrived, which greets you with one of two titles: SORRY! or YOU’RE IN! I had an inkling I might be IN, but turns out it my psychic ability is defunct as I was a reject. Out of our whole running group only one, Martin, got a place.


I wasn’t that fussed to be honest. Perhaps I was even a bit pleased. A few of my fellow rejects entered other non-ballot marathons but I didn’t feel the same urge. The training seemed so intense… could I fit it all in? Did I really want to run 26.2 miles anyway? Nah. End of. Move on.

Although it wasn’t the end, obviously.

December 2016

Weeks went by and ballot fever died down. Then one of my friends Laura found out she had a place in London and was offering her Brighton Marathon entry, taking place two weeks before London. I was half-tempted for some reason. I knew Mel, Helen, Dan and Steve were doing it and they were pressurising encouraging me to join them! I started to think maybe I could achieve this. I started coming round to the idea of the training, managing family life and work with three or four runs a week when it should really be five or something. I had always said “no more than a half marathon” but then I remembered I had also once said “no more than 5km”. I texted my mum and her response was amazing, all about how they’d be there on the day to see me finish, which made me feel great. But in order to do this,  I knew that I had to get my other half on board too because he would be seeing a lot less of me – and a lot more of the children 🙂 That evening we went out for something quick to eat and this is how the moment went:

“There’s something I want to talk to you about…marathon… me… Brighton… it’s not too far… you could drive down that day, or the night before, stay over…. a family weekend by the sea! It’s the day before Emily’s birthday… but her party could be on the Saturday …and the training…well, it’s just for the next four months…I wouldn’t be running all weekend… ” etc. etc.

And I think he might only have been half listening, waiting for his Zinger Tower Burger, but he said casually “yes, if you want”.

I stopped in my tracks. He said yes?

That means I’m going RUN A MARATHON!

Well, I’m going to try.

(and to cut a long story short, a race transfer wasn’t possible in the end so I chose a fabulous charity to run for, Alzheimer’s Society, pledged to raise £600 – and I was IN!).

Brighton here we come!

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