Kick-start an active lifestyle for your kids with EzeeSport

Before the school holidays I have all these big plans for wholesome, energising activities, but more often than not they don’t happen – we never get round to it, or the weather plays up, and before long the nightmare of overcrowded ‘soft play’ is on the horizon (rip-off junk food, rubbish coffee and unbearable noise resulting in over-tired children). I’ve realised it helps to book something that you will definitely go to!

So this October half term I signed my girls, Izzy (7) and Emily (4), up to EzeeSport for a morning of activities at Leatherhead Leisure Centre, Surrey. It ticked all the boxes for us – structured sporty play with the opportunity to new learn new skills and meet other children. Weather-proof active fun for the kids – perfect.

After they signed in and started running around the sports hall for the warm up, I stayed for a while to suss out what EzeeSport is all about.  I was really impressed with what I saw and the enthusiasm from the coaches. I found at least 10 great reasons to get your children involved with EzeeSport – discover them here!

1. Personal touch
EzeeSport is a family-owned business with the personal touch. The coaches and owners knew a lot of the children’s names and personalities, perhaps because they had been there all week or regularly attend the after-school clubs. It was reassuring, and they quickly got to learn Izzy and Emily’s names too.

2. Great coaches
It’s obvious that the EzeeSport coaches enjoy sport, play sport themselves and know how to teach children properly. Not every holiday scheme can claim this and it is a real bonus. Owners Fiona and Peter Crossman are experts in many sports, as are their daughters who also coach, and this shines through in their programme delivery.


3. A variety of sports
This half term was the first time my girls got to try basketball skills, hockey dribbling and how to serve a ball. The kids moved from one sport to the next to keep them engaged and they were all trying really hard to get it right. So if they’re not finding a particular skill easy, it isn’t the end of the world, they’ll find something else! There was plenty of quality equipment for everyone. As Fiona and Peter say, “it’s better for kids to spend time playing a variety of sports to increase their exposure to, and implicit learning of, the basic tactical skills that are similar in many sports, rather than specialise at an early age”.



4. Mixed teams
There’s no gender stereotyping at EzeeSport and the older girls and boys got stuck into a game of benchball and football together without hesitation. I haven’t played benchball for about 20 years and really wanted to join in! Likewise, in all the other games, the children mixed and paired up with each other regardless of gender.


5. Imagination
As well as the proper sports skills, the younger kids also used their imaginations which brought the games to life. For example, the assault course was a ‘jungle’, with a flying bat (tether ball!) to avoid. A version of musical chairs with hula hoops became the Star Wars game. I also heard the girls talking about a team game involving squirrels and nuts. It’s little touches like this that make exercise more fun!


6. Great facilities
At Leatherhead Leisure Centre the sports hall was ample and split into sections for ages. There was also an additional hall for team games like benchball or football. Children (age 8+)  staying for the whole day have the chance to go swimming too which is not something that every activity club can offer. And as a parent, if you have time, you can enjoy the gym, pool or cafe yourself! The parking was also easy and free, which is great if you’re always running a little bit late like me.

7. Inclusivity
Kids are grouped by age or ability to maximise their experience but siblings/friends can of course stay together if they really want to. There’s no team picking and no one is left out or left struggling. The children settle in really quickly too. You might know that Izzy takes her Teddy everywhere and doesn’t often put him down, but after the warm up she was clearly having lots of fun and needed both hands to catch/throw/bounce a ball and Teddy sat out for a few hours 🙂

8. Lifelong skills
At EzeeSport your child can learn lifelong skills that they might not otherwise pick up at school, and with the best will in the world, you can’t teach them as well as a coach (they’ll probably listen better to a coach too!). Who knows – this could be where you discover you have a junior tennis ace or star basketball player!


9. You get to use the EzeeBat!
What’s an EzeeBat?! It’s a unique, lightweight bat for active kids, adults and future racquet sport champions. Created and developed by EzeeSport’s co-founder Peter, there isn’t another product on the market that safely and effectively aids foundational racquet skills. It can be used from as young as 2 years old and is ideal for rallies or against a wall. Read more here.


10. Treasure Hunt
The signature game at EzeeSport is the treasure hunt which involves finding booty (aka sweets) under cones and other obstacles. It was a nice way to finish the morning and thoroughly deserved after all that activity!

The girls’ verdict? They really enjoyed themselves and it was great to see them confident to try new sports – they both seemed pretty good at hockey which was interesting!

Most children have a natural love for running around, throwing a ball and achieving mini challenges. EzeeSport runs classes for pre-schoolers, after-school, weekends, school holidays and parties too. Why not check it out and feed your kids’ appetite for exercise and sport?








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